Former Celtic striker Chris Sutton has taken to Twitter to claim he has been forbidden from attending Ibrox as part of BT Sports’ coverage of tonight’s Europa League ties.

The pundit also took a dig at Rangers‘ ‘Everyone, Anyone’ diversity campaign that suggests exactly why the Light Blues chose to refuse him access.

Sutton took to Twitter this afternoon to make the claim that he, as well as former Parkhead boss Neil Lennon, have been refused accreditation by Rangers‘ managing director Stewart Robertson on the basis they are a ‘security risk’.

The Englishman followed up his claim by taking a dig at the ‘Everyone, Anyone’ campaign by saying it was ‘good to see [the campaign] is working well.

While Sutton is no stranger to trying to rile up fans with his views on social media and newspaper columns, these latest comments will do him no favours.

The simple fact of the matter is that Sutton, like a handful of others, have taken great joy in taking kicks at Rangers and pointing the finger at the Ibrox club at every possibility.

It would be naive to pretend that sometimes, it is deserved.

Sometimes, the Rangers support or the club itself do things that leave me (as a Rangers fan) upset, confused, disgruntled, angry and a whole lot more but, recently, it has felt like open season where every single thing is blown up and turned into the beginning of the rapture because there’s some tangential link back to Ibrox.

All Or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs | Official Trailer | Prime Video

All Or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs | Official Trailer | Prime Video

For Sutton, it’s gone back far longer though. In truth, it is only a surprise Rangers haven’t refused access to Sutton long before now.

With my journalist hat on, there are plenty of things that have come out of Ibrox in recent years that I can’t get behind and there are times I’m sitting wondering just what the direction of Rangers’ PR and comms actually is but refusing Sutton access simply isn’t one of them.

Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images

Even reading the first part of his tweet, there could almost have been some professional sympathy but to then turn it around into a back-handed attack on the excellent ‘Everyone, Anyone’ campaign is an own goal.

Since its inception, the campaign has won near-universal praise from fans, media, politicians and equality groups as Rangers work to do their bit to help eradicate inequality and discrimination.

Rangers should now look to get an apology from Sutton and continue the excellent work done by ‘Everyone, Anyone’.

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