Former Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has launched an incredible attack on former Ibrox striker Kenny Miller, accusing him of having an agenda and running to the media when things weren’t how he wanted.

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Miller was eventually frozen out at Rangers under Caixinha, with fans suspecting the former striker of being a dressing room “leak” as various pieces of inside info made its way into the papers, and Caixinha wants Miller to take responsibility for his part.

The Portuguese manager has also claimed that the well-travelled former Scotland star was the only player he needed to “get on top of” while at Ibrox – goading Miller by claiming that he’s only willing to speak out about Caixinha in the media rather than “man to man.”

“When you came in for breakfast they sat separated in these groups,” Caixinha told Rangers Review

“We tried a lot of things to unite the dressing room but it was really difficult. And when you choose guys that need to be part of you and make this sort of connection in this league, maybe they had different goals in that moment. 

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“That’s what really happened and that’s what really shocked me. 

“I’m not going to hide from my responsibilities, not at all, but I want others to also assume theirs. 

“Let me tell you, Kenny, when I met with him in one single room just man to man, he was not the man I expected. 

“Because he was the only player that I needed to go on top of. The only one. 

“And now he comes on interviews and he says this and says that, he can say whatever, but when we were man to man he could not say nothing to me.  

“This is the situation. Of course, I committed mistakes and I accept my responsibility but others that were expected to be important in the project stepped aside at the first moment. 

“I’m not a guy who thinks leadership is the guy who cries more in a training session, or goes to the media.  

“The good leader to me is the guy who is linked to the project. When the squad or dressing room needs something he is able to be a part of the technical staff. He is able to stand side by side with the manager. That’s the real leader, not having an agenda. 

“One guy that has a different agenda it’s totally impossible to have that .” 

Neither side comes out with any credit in tedious Rangers spat

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With both Miller and Caixinha having had their say now, neither of them come out of it with any credit.

Rather than playing out the same tired nonsense that Rangers fans were sick of four years ago, it would probably be best if both just kept quiet moving forward.

Miller’s fall-outs with several Rangers managers don’t exactly cast him in a particularly good light to start with while Caixinha just sounds like a bitter ex.

As both try to plead their case and clear themselves for any responsibility for the breakdown in their relationship at Rangers, the reality is that both have huge chunks of blame to take rather than running to the paper to point fingers at everyone else.

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