Fresh from the embarrassment of seeing their European Super League announced and then halted in 48 hours, the ‘Big Six’ in England now want to drag Rangers and Celtic’s name through the mud with them and reportedly form a British Super League – and the Old Firm would be best served staying well away from any proposals.

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According to the Scottish Sun, the rise and fall of the ESL has forced the ‘Big Six’ to turn their attention slightly closer to home with, what the Sun claim, what would be a Fifa, Uefa and the UK Government-backed British league instead.

Early responses from fans on social media suggest the proposals are every bit as popular as the mooted European version as clubs continue to push for reform of the Premier League.

However, the prospect of a British league with only Rangers and Celtic taking part from Scotland throws up all sorts of problems that mean it should be an absolute non-starter from the Old Firm’s perspective.

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The gulf in finances up to this point would already see Rangers and Celtic go into any British Super League with one hand tied behind their back and, while it may be good for the clubs’ accountants, there can’t be many fans on either side of Glasgow who would look forward to the prospect of starting life in the new league scrambling around in mid-table – or even fighting to stay in the division in the short-to-medium term.

Yes, both clubs would be able to attract a better calibre of player with the influx of new cash but it wont see Rangers or Celtic competing with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea immediately.

With that comes the loss of European football and both halves of the Old Firm have something special in Europe when they are at home under the floodlights at Ibrox or Celtic Park.

The Scottish FA are also incredibly unlikely to approve their golden goose to ride off into the sunset without a fight and the only realistic chance there is of Rangers and Celtic moving south of the border would be a complete merger of the league pyramids – and there is more chance of the ESL kicking off this summer than there is of the English and Scottish league systems merging in full.

FIFA have given their blessing to such cross-border competitions but none have been anything similar to what is proposed in Britain.

England’s ‘Big Six’ have already shown that the only thing that is driving their decision-making is greed and Rangers and Celtic can’t allow themselves to be the fall guys for this latest financially-motivated move.

There may well come a time in the future when there is a proper, fully-integrated British league system but until it has the backing of the football authorities at the domestic, continental and global levels as well as the fans, Rangers and Celtic need to bide their time.

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This week has already shown how wildly out of touch some club owners are with their fanbases yet it seems they are happy to try and do it all over again with a distinctly more British look.

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