Rangers and Celtic left in no way reeling after comment from obscure figure

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A man you’ve never heard of has SLAMMED Celtic and Rangers in an unbelievable entirely predictable dig.

According to Wikipedia, the man played for Tottenham Hotspur a decade ago and was most recently player-manager at Billericay Town, who apparently enjoy rivalries with Harchester United, Melchester Rovers and Renford Rejects.

Speaking on Manufactured Controversy FM, the former Wolverhampton Wanderers and Club You’re Vaguely Aware Of From Football Manager man delivered a surprisingly articulate, coherent and thought-provoking argument as to why Celtic and Rangers would struggle in England chatted some nonsense to generate two days of half-hearted outrage.

After hailing the “fantastic job” done by Rangers manager Steven Gerrard since arriving at Ibrox in 2018, the man said: “In terms of the quality, I still don’t fink it’s anywhere near the Premier League.

“I fink both teams would struggle to stay in the Premier League in my opinion.

“I fink they’d find it tough, but up there, between the two of them, it’s a decent match-up, and Rangers are run (sic) away with it.

“The teams are nowhere near good enough to compete with them two (sic).

“If Rangers and Celtic got into the Premier League and were given that opportunity, if they stayed in the Premier League, within a season or two, they would be top five, top six football club because of the revenue and the size and the stature of the football clubs and the money and the players that they’re bringing in and the players that they’d be able to get, but it’s never going to happen.

Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS via Getty Images

“It’s not going to happen. You look at it and I go, I look at the quality of the Premier League and the teams, would they survive over the course of a season?

“Are they better than Sheffield United, West Brom and Fulham?”

Listeners worried that the man would move on without answering that rhetorical question were relieved when he added: “Hmm, I dunno.”

He continued: “I fink, you know, you look at the teams just outside it, Brighton and Newcastle, I fink, I fink they’d beat them.”

Referring to a league featuring the side who beat Lazio home and away last season and the side that topped a Europa League group featuring Benfica, Standard Liege and Lech Poznan during the current campaign, the former Gillingham man said: “I fink Fulham would win the league in Scotland.

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“I fink they’d win the league. Look, I played with (Moussa) Dembele, who left Fulham, went to Celtic and he was good at Fulham in the Championship, he was decent, scored some goals.

“He went to Celtic and he was unbelievable.”

Dembele, who has scored 45 goals in 105 appearances for Lyon and been linked with a £60m move to Manchester United, is yet to respond.

There has been similar silence from the likes of European Cup-winning former Celtic defender Virgil van Dijk and European Cup-winning former Dundee United defender Andy Robertson.

Neither European Cup winners Celtic or European Cup Winners’ Cup winners Rangers have responded to those comments from the former boss of Phillips Electrical Floodlight Trophy 1977 winners Billericay Town.

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