William Hague

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William Hague's EU-turn is a baffling betrayal

Well, knock me down with a Christmas pudding! William Hague has chosen what is virtually Christmas Eve to tell elderly, Tory and EU-wary readers of the Daily Telegraph that he plans to vote for Britain to stay in the European Union when the great day comes. Many will be baffled, then quite cross.

George Osborne pleads competence or chaos as he tries to rubbish Labour

‘And the finalists are ... George Osborne, Theresa May, William Hague, Nicky Morgan and Sajid Javid.” Jeremy Hunt either hadn’t made the cut for this particular edition of Fifteen to One, with which the Conservatives had chosen to start their new year election campaign, or had got stuck in A&E. Such a shame the health secretary couldn’t make it as the NHS has been such a success story for the Tories recently.