Unemployment And Employment Statistics

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Euro slides on eve of ECB stimulus programme

The pound has hit a seven-year high against the euro, bringing cheer for British holidaymakers but underscoring fears about the fragile European single currency as markets prepare for a flood of emergency electronic cash.

Welcome drop in eurozone deflation and unemployment figures

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The threat of deflation eased across the eurozone in February following a bounce back from heavy price discounting and steeply declining oil prices during the previous month. The 19-member currency bloc saw prices drop 0.3% last month compared with a drop of 0.6% in January, alleviating fears of an alarming deflationary spiral.

UK climbs women-in-work rankings

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The UK has moved up a “women in work” league table after the economic recovery helped cut female unemployment, but it still lags well behind Nordic countries when it comes to overall empowerment of women in the workplace.