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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 – Review

With Tiger having recently reclaimed the world No1 spot, the timing could not be better for EA's latest in its long-running series but, as is the tendency with annually updated sport sims, this is evolution not revolution.

Fifa 13: New Match Day Feature and Demo

After several major games industry events, EA Sports is still managing to reveal new facets of its forthcoming Fifa 13 title. During the publisher's pre-Gamescom press briefing on Tuesday, producer Dave Rutter unveiled the title's new Match Day feature, which will link the in-game action ever more closely to the real-life season, whichever major league you follow.




From Destiny to OlliOlli, the best games of 2014

This year was destructive and beautiful in that way only games can be. While its list of releases measured top to bottom make for an unremarkable 12 months, the industry is ageing and awakening in ways that might yet make this a landmark year.

FIFA 15 Screen 1

Fifa 15 hands-on – it's all about emotion

You may have noticed there’s a little football tournament going on at the moment. It has been pretty interesting, thanks to the unpredictable efforts of teams like Costa Rica and Chile. The World Cup has shown that football isn't all about the star teams showboating their way to glory; sport can be gloriously unexpected.