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Morgan Stanley is one of the world's largest diversified financial services companies, with a reputation for excellence in advice and execution on a global scale.


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Morgan Stanley HQ

Citigroup said on Thursday it has appointed veteran Beibei Li as its head of Belt and Road Initiative-related banking and origination businesses, as western banks bet on China’s drive to build a modern-day Silk Road to create business opportunities.


JP Morgan To 'Do' Citigroup

Speaking at an investor conference Tuesday, JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon told all who would listen that his firm is still putting to bed the Bank One acquisition and that, although would continue to do smaller deals 'a la' the joint venture with Cazenove and the Highbridge Capital transaction, transformational takeovers were off the table for the time being.

Top Traders Under 30

After a number of our readers wrote in, we are now publishing the list of 'Trader Monthly' magazine's Top Traders Under 30, which appeared in the August/September issue.

London's Biggest Trading Floors

Hot on the heels of the announcement that JPMorgan has spurned Canary Wharf and has chosen the 'Square Mile' for its new European HQ (St Alphage House in London Wall), most of the interest centres around the fact that, of the 1 million square feet that makes up the new building, there will be four giant trading floors of some 72,000 square feet each.

My Firm's Hiring Freeze Is Tip Of The Iceberg

'Let me start by saying that I've not got it in for my firm, Merrill Lynch. Despite the terrible securities losses that have engulfed our firm these last 12 months, and the resulting job cuts and pressures which have come with this period of turmoil, I still believe in this firm. I believe that, despite a couple of missteps, CEO John Thain is the right man to lead us, and I remain confident that we will emerge from our troubles a better, more focused business.