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Good Times On Wall Street - Even The Dwarfs Are Back

The New York Times 'DealBook' column published an article this week pointing out that the good times appear to be back on Wall Street - the parties are cranking up, the bars are back to overflowing, and it's difficult to get tables at the best New York restaurants. The icing on the cake, however, is that 'the dwarfs' look to be back!

'Sorry - I Wrecked Your Porsche!' (The True Story)

Last week reported that a well-off City Slicker type took his mate's Porsche Carrera GT for a spin around Port Chester, New York. The story went that the car's owner, not wishing to be parted from his luxury car for one minute (these things are said to go for between $300,000 and $500,000), rode shotgun in the vehicle. See below for what happened.

'Wealth, War & Wisdom' by Barton Biggs

During these years of political upheaval and dramatic market swings, it's important to look back on historic periods to gain insights into the direction of stocks and economic stability for investment opportunities today. In Wealth, War & Wisdom, legendary Wall Street investor Barton Biggs reveals how the turning points of World War II intersected with market performance, and shows how these lessons can help the twenty-first century investor comprehend our own perilous times, as well as choose the best strategies for the modern market economy.