Insider Trading


Bloomberg - UK insider probes hit 10-year high

Dog Detective

From wads of cash exchanged in curry houses to late night calls on untraceable phones, insider trading never fails to generate headlines. And it looks like U.K. authorities may be gearing up for a few more after opening a record number of cases last year.

Leon Cooperman asks for insider trading case to be dismissed

Leon Cooperman, the hedge-fund legend accused by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of insider trading, asked for its lawsuit to be dismissed, saying the regulator had revised its allegations after his lawyers had argued that he wasn’t bound by a duty not to trade on an insider’s information about a deal.

Ex-Evercore banker released from prison

The senior investment banker who in 2014 pleaded guilty to trading on inside information gleaned from his clients completed his incarceration on Monday, the Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed.