Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of services worldwide. It has offices in every major financial center.

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UBS shifts assets, Goldman promotes

Goldman Crowned

The impact of Brexit on London’s financial sector came into stark relief as a judge approved plans by a UBS unit to shift some of its U.K. business - involving assets valued at more than $36.5bn to Germany.

Goldman faces lawsuit

Goldman Sachs Blink

Just three months ago, Goldman Sachs struck an unusual deal with a group of hedge funds to offload a buyout loan from its books - saving the bank and the funds from potential losses.


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Ex-Goldman compliance officer settles SEC suit

A Goldman Sachs compliance employee hired to develop surveillance software to detect illegal behavior, including insider trading, settled an SEC lawsuit that accused him of helping himself to confidential data and trading on it.

Top Firm Described As 'Making Out Like Bandits'

Bloomberg reports that Saul Burian, an MD in the financial restructuring group at investment bank Houlihan Lokey, told a US bankruptcy court that he had discussions with executives at Lehman Holdings about whether they should sue Barclays over the sale of Lehman's broker / dealer business in September 2008.