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The World's Most Successful Traders In 2004 ?

We all know that whereas M&A was once King, the torch has now passed to the trading boys. Well, Trader Monthly magazine recently published its second annual list of the world's most successful traders (for 2004). The magazine has estimated what each trader makes by speaking to hundreds of industry sources, and sometimes the traders themselves. Because it is difficult to get a precise number, an earnings range has been applied against each trader's name. Here are the guys at the Top of that list:

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Remember that spat between Goldman Sachs and the adult entertainment website ? Well, there's a follow up. And we'll leave it to Rob Muller, the site's founder, who had his original domain name snatched away from him by the US National Arbitration Forum. Rob, who runs his site from the Netherlands, dropped us a line about his latest legal problem with the Wall Street giant.