Mark Schwarzer of the Socceroos makes a save in the penalty shoot-out during the second leg of the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Australia and Uruguay at Telstra Stadium...

7 Weirdest Football Rivalries

About a week ago I did a video on seven interesting and unusual friendships and relationships between football clubs across the globe. It was one of those videos that I find interesting but normally crash and burn when I upload them, but happily it seems other people actually found it quite interesting too.


West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis

Tony Pulis: ‘You get pigeonholed. You accept it or fight it. I’ve accepted it’

Autumn 1992. Tony Pulis is a rookie manager at Bournemouth setting out on the long road that has brought him to the point of his 1,000th match. His first company car, a gift from the chairman, Norman Hayward, has already been to the garage after smoke started pouring out of the dashboard on the M3 and Pulis is getting an early lesson in the economics of lower-division football.