B-SOHO, Soho


Is it nearly Christmas already? Well, according to John Lewis and countless other retailers it nearly is, so it's no surprise that London bars and restaurants are embracing the yuletide fever.

The Taste of Austerity: Autumnal Entertaining

Nibbles And Canapes Sxc Hu Dnabi

There is an art to having friends over. But it doesn't need to be fine art; it can also be pop art, or creative art. And it doesn't need to cost a fortune (especially if everyone brings a bottle of wine). This starts the first series-in-a-series, beginning with the Party (with a capital P).

Where to Go For a Naughty Night Out

Aqua Spirit Bar

Thinking about the weekend already? As a singleton about town, I've been checking out places to go. Discovering a hidden gem is all about looking hard - much like searching through the markets for that special find.