Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has a truly global reach. Throughout the world, the bank active in many markets, economies and financial sectors. But despite its size, focus and purpose flows through the organization. Many voices, many cultures, many disciplines, many ways of looking at the world. One clear vision. Deutsche Bank is diverse in the widest sense of the word.

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The Strange Case Of Peter Young

It was in September 1996 when trading in three Morgan Grenfell investment funds was suspended following the discovery of certain 'irreguarities'. Peter Young, the fund manager at the center of the affair, is said to have trod the fine line between genius and eccentric.

Another Bizarre 'Deutsche Death'

The Sun is calling it 'Suicide By Hooker', the latest in a string of deaths involving bankers who are said to have become depressed following the loss of their jobs, or problems at work.

After Deutsche's Rats, There's The UBS Mice

We reported earlier this week that Deutsche Bank has a bit of a rat problem on the equities floor at its main London Wall building. We also alluded to the fact that, a few years back, UBS had a mice issue at 100 Liverpool St. Well, it seems that the UBS mice are alive and kicking, as the bank still has vermin on the premises.

London's Biggest Trading Floors

Hot on the heels of the announcement that JPMorgan has spurned Canary Wharf and has chosen the 'Square Mile' for its new European HQ (St Alphage House in London Wall), most of the interest centres around the fact that, of the 1 million square feet that makes up the new building, there will be four giant trading floors of some 72,000 square feet each.