Champagne Cocktail, Darling?

Champagne Jean Scheijen

While nothing beats it straight, sometimes you want to up the festive ante. Ergo, we bring you five cocktails made with Champagne, to ensure your coming days are particularly, um, sparkling.

One New Change Champagne Bar, St Pauls

The Champage Bar

It shows the regard in which we hold Champagne in that we so often use it to describe an aspirational lifestyle. By which, we normally mean hobnobbing with celebs at openings or private members club, dining at the finest restaurants, and travelling first class.

Champagne 101

4 Champagne Glasses Quentin Houyoux

I aspire to have Champagne as an everyday drink. The reality is it's more often a sparkling wine. But hey, I'm not complaining. It's white, it sparkles, it makes me happy.

The Nutritionist: Avoid the Hangover

Champagne Mario Gonzaga

It’s not only the season for a cozy fireplace drinking. It’s also Christmas Office Party season which means even the strongest-willed of us will indulge in a tipple too many.