The Annual Resolve

No Smoking - Trish Parisy

Made a New Year's Resolution to keep your New Year's Resolution? We look at the most popular ones, and offer easy ways to help you keep them.

The Nutritionist: Love Your Liver

Christmas - Jan Willem Stad

Another countdown to freak us out a bit: 38 days 'til Christmas! Now be honest - how many days out of those 38 are you likely to have a drink? Pick a category: 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 (really?), 21-25 (how are you still working?) or 26+ (!?).

The Nutritionist: Winter Blues

Light 1 - Hans Thoursie

Seriously. How depressing is this? You're sitting in the office while it's pitch black outside, realising you still have to work three more hours, when all you want to do is cuddle up on your couch with a duvet and a big bowl of comfort food (usually found in forms of simple carbohydrates).

The Nutritionist: Detoxmas

Lisa Wulf Nutritionist

In case you haven't noticed, there are only 58 days till Christmas. Now, that freaks me out a little bit (and I'm not just referring to all those upcoming over-indulgent client lunches, dinners, parties, mulled wines and mince pies). 

The Nutritionist: Trick or Treat?

Pumpkin - Michele L

Everybody likes a treat, whether it’s the ‘Sunday-cake-treat’, the ‘after-work-wine-treat’ or the ‘Friday-I’v- been-good-all-week-treat’. Usually these treats are far from being nutritious - chock full of sugar, salt, nasty fats, and lots of E-numbers.

The Nutritionist: Don't Get Sick

Sliced Oranges - Safari11 -

There’s no denying anymore: It’s officially autumn. The mornings are cold, the evenings are dark, and London is playing up to its reputation on the weather front.

The Edge of Addiction

Way Out - Dan Edwards

It's hard not to be affected by the continuing, low-grade (and sometimes high-grade) stress that comes from a financial crisis. And it can be hard to tell when escapist escapades go from being recreational to dangerous. A little concerned about your own? Then read on.

The Nutritionist: Smart Carbs

Black Pasta - Ulrik De Wachter

The other day I went to lunch with a client. I couldn’t stop thinking about the amount of white pasta on his plate, and how this would send him into an after-lunch carb-sleep. But is pasta really a food that deserves to be on the nutritional blacklist?