Review Policy

We have stringent guidelines here at HITC when it comes to reviewing, and we believe in full disclosure regarding those principals. Listed below, is an overview of how we go about reviewing products and services.

The Reader is First
As a trusted editorial staff, our number one priority is serving our readers. This means that no concern is greater to us than being completely open and honest with the visitors to our site. If we love something, we'll tell you; if we hate something else, we'll tell you that too. Regardless of how we feel about any given product, we won't pull punches, and we always remember who's asking us to throw them: you.

The Reviewer
Because of our review process, all opinions expressed by a writer on this website are solely the opinion of that writer, and do not necessarily reflect the views HITC, its parent company or affiliates.

How do you decide who reviews what?
As stated above, we assign products to reviewers based on genre knowledge and personal interest. While this means that our editors are allotted their reviews with a specialised expertise (and sometimes even excitement), it does not mean they approach the review with a pre-disposed biased. Our reviewers are mandated to evaluate a product on its own merits and illustrate those findings to our readers in an honest and comprehensive manner.

Do advertisers affect how you review?
No. Though HITC does have a broad range of advertisers that include publishers, owners and manufacturers of products we review deals between interested parties and HITC that result in more favorable reviews or better scores are against our principles and policies in every way. Nothing other than the editorial staff's own experience with a product itself will ever affect how we review it. HITC does run advertorials and where these are displayed they will be clearly marked as such.