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Vatican Hopes Secret Files Exonerate 'Hitler's Pope'

Pius XII has long been vilified as "Hitler's pope", accused of failing publicly to condemn the genocide of Europe's Jews. Now a British author has unearthed extensive material that Vatican insiders believe will restore his reputation, revealing the part that he played in saving lives and opposing nazism.


EU tells Alex Salmond to think again in Scottish independence row

The president of the European council has intervened in the Scottish independence debate, claiming that nothing will be gained from breaking up the UK. Herman Van Rompuy, who would chair meetings to discuss if an independent Scotland could join the EU, said the move for separatism was a thing of the past.

Cameron to bargain over UK's status in the EU - and the CAP

David Cameron will warn François Hollande that he will block new governance arrangements for the eurozone if the EU refuses to allow a renegotiation of Britain's relationship with Brussels. In his first meeting with the new French president in Downing Street, Cameron will also ask Hollande to uphold an informal deal with his predecessor on Britain's EU rebate.