This Crunch is Not Yet Rated

Credit Crunch - Steve Woods

We’ve spent the past week anticipating the US and UK governments’ plans for financial regulatory reform. Some City players stand to gain from the changes, some will lose, but amid all the blaming and reforming, another blurry culprit - the rating agency - hasn’t been forgotten, and politicians are seeking to reduce investors’ reliance on them.

City Boys with City Girls

Silhouette - Michal Zacharzewski

Dating in the City is no task for the faint of heart.  It takes a City Girl of steel to navigate the curve balls of City players. Indeed, decades after the feminist movement promised an idyllic world of fairness, it’s become increasingly apparent that when it comes to City romance, old habits die hard.

Discovering Your G(20)-Spot

Stand United - B Boy

As this week’s G20 summit triggers demonstrations all over the City and Canary Wharf, I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of being speared and set on fire by the raging masses.

Survival Of The City-est

Darwin - The Hornet Magazine - 1871

From the origins of the Big Bang, the City species has always exhibited a high degree of ruthlessness. But now that the asteroid has officially crashed into our Square Mile, we find ourselves in a kind of Darwinian 'survival of the fittest' mode, an icy marketplace where only the strongest survive.

The Remuneration Revolution Wants You

Inside With No Fear - Celia Martinez Bravo

If there’s ever been a call to arms in the history of this website, now is the time. For teachers, doctors, laid-off bankers and anyone who flies economy in this economy, this is our moment of truth!

The Fat Cat Confessional

St Paul's - Thomas Balzer

Last year, the City witnessed the dramatic end of the Gilded Age, where both entitlement and corruption were the emblems of power. It’s time for reflection, and time for redemption. But before we start afresh in 2009, I feel we’re missing something from the City’s most powerful who caused this financial mess. It’s called remorse.

Black Banking Magic

Black Skull - Daniel Perry

I’ve grappled with whether or not I should reveal one of the City’s spookiest, most scandalous secrets.  Savvy bankers learn it early in their careers, when the most promising are pulled aside and taught how to trade with 'smoke and mirrors'.

A Model Formula

Girls Barcode - B S K

At my investment bank, I am surrounded by the perfectly matched combination of models and 'modelizers'. And while the second was an established City stereotype, the first was a more modern phenomenon, ushered in with the Long-Term Capital crew circa 1995.

The Option to be a Woman

Pills - Caroline Hoos

There exists an invisible boundary within world of investment banking between the number of women above and below one magic age: 30.


The Option to be a Woman

There exists an invisible boundary within world of investment banking between the number of women above and below one magic age: 30.