Credit Crunch Sparkle

MMzS Bracelet

Over drinks the other day, we got together and counted how many of our friends had been laid off in the past two years. A scary sixty percent. Then we looked at what they went on to do. One, in particular, stood out.

Round Up & Win

Anya Hindmarch Bowery Bag

Honestly, we're not sure how they do it. But that's OK, because they do it. They have a new competition what feels like weekly, and they all rock.

Nice Day for a...Green Wedding

Vinati's Paper

As wedding season is approaching, please allow us to drop in a few suggestions for making your day even greener. And no, we are not talking about the green of envy that will be on everyone's faces when they see how gorgeous you are...


Seriously, Stockings not Tights?

We love Mrs Mills in the Sunday Times Style magazine, and like to think that's a cigarette holder in her hand (and not concealer). And we were fascinated by her recent column covering 'the stocking debate'.