The Great 4h x 100m Delay

Runners Mordoc Sxc Hu

The 100m final is usually regarded to be the pinnacle of the Olympics. What a shame that the entire US audience had to miss out on it in favour of, are you ready for it? Horse jumping and water polo.

Banker Pushes Back - 'I Am The 1%'

Sunset Janusz Gawron

With 'Occupy' protesters showing up in parks here, there and everywhere, I started to wonder who their worst enemy - the 1% - actually was. As I discovered, the 1% was me, and most of the people I know.

G20: The Build-Up

Wooden Duck - Fons Reijsbergen

This week sees the G20 bandwagon riding into Toronto, together with fake loons, an armada of police, and a fence going through the middle of downtown. 

The Great Canadian Rip-Off

Canadian Money -

Canada, so I was told before moving, is 30% cheaper than the UK. Maybe that referred to their taste in wines, because it certainly doesn't refer to the cost of living.