Girl Power in Afganistan


Sometime ago I was offered an opportunity to go to Afghanistan for work. With the financial crisis in full swing, and riots breaking out in London, I really didn’t see any reason not to.

The Ice Cream Man

The Ice Cream Man Natalie

Having just watched the Queens Jubilee flotilla from rather a far distance, the first thing I noticed is that bank holiday weather never changes. Of course it was raining!

The Kite Runner Comes to Life

Still Of The Kite Runner

While I really disliked the main character in the book, The Kite Runner, he came to life for me a few weeks ago, when I found myself in Kabul.

Credit Cards (How Not to Use Them)

Black Wallet Spencer Ritenour

Some time ago I decided to go back to school, and one of the classes I took as part of this adventure was on financial regulation. Having worked in the financial industry for all my working life, I qualify as a Banker.

Money and Usury

Aristotle, Agios Dimitrios, Chrysafon Lakonias

During the 4th century BC, Aristotle was of the opinion that money was a medium of exchange, but did not have an intrinsic value of its own since it was merely a human social invention which has no utility in itself [1].

Malaysia is Only as Far as Trafalgar Square

Malaysia Night 2011

On the 23rd of September, Trafalgar Square was decked out in red and yellow for the evening to celebrate Malaysian food. Organised by Malaysia Kitchen, more than 20 restaurants had set up stalls and were selling street food in the most amazing variety. I managed to convince a friend to come along and we were truly spoilt for choice

Rodizio Rico, Fulham

Rodizio Rico

Near Fulham Broadway station, Rodizio Rico, a Brazilian grill restaurant, opened its doors a few months ago. After the O2, Islington, and Westbourne Grove, this is the fourth location, but perhaps not the last, of a (at least for now) small-ish chain.

Coco di Mama

Coco Di Mama Exteroir

When asked if I was interested in reviewing a new Italian lunch place on Fleet Street, my first thought was: Fleet Street is a bit of a trek. To be fair, it turned out to be a lot closer than I thought (even in heels). More importantly, it was very much worth the trip.


The 500 EURO Note

For something that weighs about one gram, it is certainly capable of causing a lot of fuss, particularly now that the undercover team from HMRC has figured out that it is a perfect tool for money launderers.

People From Above Scott Liddell

Eavesdropping on a First Date

I was out for lunch with a friend the other day and we were chatting over a glass of wine, minding our own business. But it was a small restaurant, and we could not help but overhear what was going on at the table next to us: a first date.


Girl Power in Afganistan

Sometime ago I was offered an opportunity to go to Afghanistan for work. With the financial crisis in full swing, and riots breaking out in London, I really didn’t see any reason not to.

Love And Coffee Luca Baroncini

My Morning Coffee

Ever tried Internet dating? I haven't, but I got a flyer the other day for one of the numerous sites all designed to help us find the ultimate happiness (at a fee I hasten to add). Curious as I am, I of course had to have a look.

To Say Goodbye Elke Oerter

My Best Friend the loveliest, most elegantly turned out woman. She’s been offered, and has accepted, the most amazing job opportunity, and to top it all off is getting married to the love of her life. And now she is leaving London.

BCN 2006a Christian Großekathöfer

Your Flight Is Now Closed

Have you ever missed a flight? I have, more than once, and for all sorts of reasons. Cutting it too close, actually stuck in traffic, WWII bomb next to the runway, delayed trains, and best of all, because I mistook the arrival time for the departure time and promptly arrived at the airport as the flight was closing.