Manners, Gentlemen, Manners!

English Gentleman Jenny Rollo

We need to talk. 25% of you have clipped your nails on the Tube? That should be .25%. At most, 25% of you can admit to clipping your nails somewhere in your house other than the bathroom.

Opening the Chat Room Door


Dear Mr & Mrs Properly: Please don’t laugh, but I went into a chat room the other day. I hadn’t been in a chat room for at least 15 years, and boy have things changed. I feel like I need a handbook for modern-day chat room etiquette. Any interest in putting one together for me? Signed, Slightly Embarrassed

Source Code [REVIEW]

Source Code

Whether or not gender stereotyping is proper etiquette or not is the subject for another article. In the meantime, we're going to do it, and say that Source Code is the perfect date movie.

How to Be a Good Diner

Talk - Dora Pete

Mr Properly and I heard the woman at the next table before we saw her. "No, I don't want anymore water, and get rid of these plates - please." OK, so she said please, but the rest of it was pure vile.