Bye-Bye, Sell Sell

Get Out of Jail Free Card

A dark room. Uncomfortable figures are seated in a semi-circle on plastic chairs, fiddling nervously with cups, jewelry or anything else that is close to hand. A man enters the room and smiles welcomingly, but receives only glassy stares in return. He nods at one of the hunched figures and motions for them to stand.

One More For The Road?

Hangover Remedies

Once again, I am experiencing the torture that is waking up after the night before. My pillow is filled with broken bricks, my mouth is devoid of any moisture, my stomach is churning, and the idea of any movement is complete anathema.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After?

The Divorce of Napoleon and Josephine - Charles Abraham Chasselat

Given that every retail outlet has been cajoling us into making Valentine purchases since early January, and this onslaught is becoming increasingly frenzied, one cannot fail to notice that February 14th is rapidly approaching.

A Valentine's Preparation Guide

Heart Bag - Chobi Capeta

A wise person once said: Remember that at Christmas we go to bed hoping to exchange gifts with those we love. On Valentine’s we exchange gifts in the hope of going to bed with those we love. So, if you do purchase something, make it count!

Let's Go Net Working

Waiting and Watching - Jenny Rollo

Around this time last year, whilst I was enjoying the rarefied air that blows outside of the financial word, I attended a corporate travel event. A casual observer might think that because this event was held in Cannes, covered luxury travel, and had Bjorn Again for the event party, this was nothing more than a frivolous boondoggle.

The Art of Giving

Happy Holidays - T. Al Nakib

The festive season is upon on us. Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe, fairy lights - it's all there. That, and Christmas wish-lists.