Trading Up My D.ting Skills

Sex? - Marcel Hol

Obama came to "listen and provide American leadership". Well baby, I've been listening and I will follow your lead. You say regulation of hedge funds? I say regulation of hedge funds managers. Po-tay-to, pot-ah-to, as they say.

Date Mistake #1

First Aid

Look out, guys. HITCitizen Jamie Morgan is here to set you straight on dating. Ladies, breathe a sigh of relief. Got something to say about it? Your comments below, please.

Getting It On (the Tube)

So close, the smell of their aftershave invites you closer. Touching but not. An inadvertant brush of body parts, an adventure in your head. The new extremes of freakishness.

S.xual Stress Busters

Sex Sign - Nevit Dilmen

Be it the markets, the pain I feel for Northern Rock, or - perhaps most likely - city life just catching up with me, I'm stressed. My quest to alleviate this situation has led to the all important bottom line (lined with lingerie) and is here for you to profit from....

Playing the Markets, Playing the Field

"People today know the price of everything and the value of nothing." As true today as it was when Wilde said it. Watch the value, watch the price, watch for the difference, exploit it. That's your happy profit just there.

Dating: Men of the Volatile Markets

Lawyers and bankers and accountants! Oh, my! Lawyers and bankers and accountants! Oh, my! As I stroll down the yellow brick road on the way to romance and true love (and let's not kid ourselves, a ring), I'm beginning to feel more and more like Dorothy.