Dwarf Tossing - The Rules

Dwarf-tossing is outlawed in France and in several US states. A United Nations human rights committee ruled that the 'sport' is contrary to human dignity.

See 'Impossible Is Nothing' Man Speak Out On TV

Alex Vayner, the wannabee investment banker with that 11 page cv and 'supporting' video, was back in the limelight this week. He appeared on 'Inside Edition', where host Deborah Norville gave him a bit of a hard time - especially when Vayner said that he wasn't sure if the skiing shoot on his video was really him. Press the link below to see the broadcast.

Staff Said To Have Worked In Fear

Here's the testimony of Mark Froeba, who, before leaving in 2007, was jointly responsible for evaluating all Moody's new CLO rating guidelines, before the US Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Wednesday.