Life After the City - Part 2

Time - Asif Akbar

Going back to work - outside the City - after almost a year off, I wasn’t too sure how realistic my work/life balance goal would be. All I knew was that this time I only wanted to work as hard as need be.

Life After the City - Part 1

Blackberry - Sophia Lemon

With all the opportunities that the ‘bulk redundancy’ era of the credit crunch presented, I took mine, and decided to see if I couldn't change more than just my job.

Dignity in Dismissal

Network - Rodolfo Clix

The City of London has a certain mystique about it at first. The shine doesn't last long, but when you first start working there, a whole new world becomes apparent. There is a set of rules, most of them unspoken and unwritten, that are a mystery to the newcomer, and remain so for most of us.

Life After Redundancy

BlackBerry Key Pad - Mark Iafrate

When you're part of the rat race, you don't realise or even acknowledge that you are. And when working long hours and constantly communicating via Blackberry is the norm, you barely notice that perhaps the rest of the world isn't like that.