JP Morgan Chase Nazi Stories Resurface

Stories have been circulating for years about the involvement of Chase Manhattan Bank and JP Morgan with the Nazi regime in Germany. Both banks have been accused of plundering millions of dollars in Jewish assets during World War II, seizing accounts and safe deposit boxes from Jewish customers and keeping them. A new report has surfaced, part of a book titled 'US Intelligence and the Nazis'. According to The New York Daily News, the report, which includes 240,000 pages of previously unreleased FBI information, reveals that Chase helped the Nazis raise over $20m in foreign exchange between 1936 and 1941 and was paid $500,000 in fees for its troubles.

Ron Atkinson - Some Of His More Amusing Sayings

65 year-old football commentator Ron Atkinson is a living legend. One of the game's last great characters. But his 'gaff' last week when talking about a black player at a time when Ron thought he was off air could signal the end of his long involvement with football. While recognising that what Atkinson said about one of Chelsea's star players was wrong, CityNews thought it appropriate to look at some of the more amusing 'Big Ron' sayings.

Ten Years After Barings - Where Are They Now ?

It is coming up to the 10th anniversary of when Nick Leeson bust the bank that was Barings. The Observer has had a quick look at what happened to the few who enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame as a result of the scandal.