Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs From Apple Com

The world mourns the passing of Apple's longtime CEO. Why do I feel a sense of loss for a person I have never met?

Budweiser vs Budweiser

Old Budvar Truck

...and what you need to know (starting with the fact 'Budweiser' is a German adjective describing something from the city of Budweis, located in the Czech Republic).

Crazy, Stupid, Love [REVIEW]

Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone

In a cinematic summer full of robots, pirates, superheroes, and boy wizards, there is the need for occasional counter-programming for adults. The Steve Carell comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love fits this bill rather perfectly.

The Financial Crisis in the Movies

James Woods As Dick Fuld

The 2008 (and ongoing) financial crisis has found its way from Wall Street to the silver screen in the form of the excellent HBO movie Too Big to Fail, and in the compelling documentary, Inside Job.

The End of the World As We Don't Know It

Fire Twirl Matt Palmer

So, the end of the world is postponed yet again. And given that it was never going to happen (not this weekend, at least), it makes you wonder why everybody was talking about it in the first place.

Go, Go Barbecoa


In this age of austerity, Jamie Oliver has blown all warnings into the wind in order to open his newest venture, Barbecoa, which probably means "Meat with a View" in some language.

The Social Network

Timberlake and Eisenberg in The Social Network

Very recent history makes its way onto the big screen with The Social Network, documenting the birth of Facebook. Too soon? Not at all. Good? Too good to be true, in fact.