Vintage Coty Ad

The Smell of Old Money

We couldn't pass it up: A luxury lifestyle company offered to send us a list of 'the perfume choices of the super rich'. Don't roll your eyes. Three cost less than a manicure and only one is out of production.

Office Space Movie Poster

Last Minute Halloween Fix

Finding yourself late to the party? Don't worry! We've got the office-friendly costumes you can make right now. And we do mean this very minute...

Mouth Julia Freeman Woolpert

Rare and Amusing Insults

Try one of these out on the trading floor today. 'Crepehanger' is definitely our favourite (with 'slubberdegullion' a close second).

Dialog In The Dark

Dialogue in the Dark

Forget the novel idea of dining in the dark. This is closer to the real deal: experiencing the world as someone without sight.

Oktoberfest In Nova Scotia Chris Purcell

Oktoberfest Around the World

Munich's Oktoberfest kicked off this past weekend. Ask most Germans, and they'll recommend you steer clear. But around the world, Oktoberfest celebrations are in effect, and are probably not quite so, shall we say, full-on.

A Good Quote

Words From A Wise Man

It turns out that the Dali Lama did not actually say this quote in response to a question about what aspect of humanity he found surprising. But we like the idea. It's a good reminder of how...misaligned...our priorities can be in this day and age. Cut this out and put it on your monitor.

Lionel Richie Cheese Plate

Lionel Richie Cheeseball

Whether you're a host with a sense of humour, or just a fan of all varieties of cheese (and we do mean all), you'll appreciate this long distance dedication...