Video of mooring line accident on boat’s snapback zone traumatizes Redditers

A video of a mooring line accident that took place in the snapback zone of a boat has Reddit users wishing they never watched it!

There are plenty of snapback accident videos on Reddit that capture the horror that unfolds when a morning line suddenly breaks leaving people in its way seriously injured. The intensity at which the rope hits the human body is life-threatening.

Mooring rope of wooden pinisi - phinisi, traditional Indonesian cargo ship, tied around shoreside bitt in the port of Semarang.
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Video of snapback accident on a boat surfaces on Reddit

Warning: Disturbing content

It is unclear when or where the snapback accident captured in the viral video occurred, but it has been on Reddit for over two years. We will not embed the video in the article as some readers may find it distressing.

The video is about 16 seconds long and depicts a man in an orange uniform, standing near the coil of a mooring line.

Mooring rope is used to secure a vessel by fixing it to a dock or a buoy. The ropes are found in the midship wrapped around permanent structures.

About 8 seconds into the terrifying video, you’ll see the rope snap and get pulled back at an unimaginable speed and pressure. As the broken end approaches the coil, it strikes the crew member standing in the snapback zone. The worker collapses instantly and a fellow employee starts looking for help as soon as he finds his colleague on the ground.

The scary video can be found with the caption: Finale Destination, Sailor Dies in Freaky Accident. It is unclear if the incident shown in the video is real and if the crew member passed away as the text claims.

Mooring line snapback accidents can be fatal

Reddit has more videos showing different mooring line snapback incidents and most of the victims are said to have succumbed to the injuries caused by the broken rope.

The crew members are advised not to be near the snapback zone that’s reserved for lines under tension and most accidents are attributed to a lack of awareness about the dangers.

The rope is at the risk of snapping when left unattended on the ship and it comes in contact with water as the loose end can get pulled inside and increase the tension.

The morning line can also break if it has lost its elasticity with time and worn out.

Users are traumatized

Some Redditers wish they hadn’t watched the mooring line snapback accident videos that have now left them scarred.

Reacting to the clip one user wrote: “The most horrible accident I’ve seen. I can’t believe he was still moving.”

“That’s some final destination type stuff. Too scary,” said another.

A third one said: “So much tension in this clip. OMG.”

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