Who plays Coco’s daughter on Mayans MC?

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Of all the chaotic and captivating characters featured in the Sons Of Anarchy spin-off series, none have quite caught the attention of viewers like Letty Cruz. So, who plays Coco’s daughter on Mayans MC?

A spin-off series like no other, Mayans MC has been giving audiences exactly what they want since it first began in 2018. Back then, fans were given their first glimpse of an array of characters like Coco and his daughter.

Naturally, as the series gears up for its final installment, it’s no surprise many are eager to find out everything they can about the cast behind their favorite characters.

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Who plays Coco’s daughter on Mayans MC?

Emily Tosta.

The 25-year-old actress has had a short, but impressive career so far. She is best known for her role as Leticia Cruz in Mayans MC. The character first appears in the series in episode 4 of the first season titled ‘Bat/Zotz’. She recurs consistently throughout the seasons.

Leticia ‘Letty’ Cruz is the daughter of the character Johnny ‘Coco’ Cruz. Even though her father demanded she should be put up for adoption, Cruz’s mother ignored her son’s request and raised her granddaughter as her own. During Bat/Zotz, Leticia discovers the truth about her upbringing. It is revealed to her that her mother is in fact her grandmother and that Coco is not her older brother like she initially believed, but her father.

The character is defined by her fiery temper and her determination. Throughout the series, Letty is prone to violent outbursts, even stabbing a truck driver named Albert with a screwdriver.

In an interview with Deepest Dream, Tosta discussed what it was like working on the show.

“The cast and crew that alone – we’re like a big family on set. It’s always so much fun working with everybody.”

The actress added, “I am constantly blown away by the support from the audience every single day.”

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Meet Emily Tosta

Although the young actress hasn’t featured in many productions so far, it’s safe to say this is just the beginning of Emily Tosta’s career.

Her first role was in the 2013 TV series Dama Y Obrero. Emily was featured in one episode of the series as the character Gina Joven.

In 2016, the actress starred in one episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, as the character Carla James. Tosta secured a major role in the 2020 series Party Of Five as Lucia Acosta. The actress featured in all 10 episodes of the show.

It wasn’t until 2021 Emily landed her first major lead role, starring alongside the legendary actor Nicolas Cage in the horror flick Willy’s Wonderland. Tosta played the role of Liv, a strong-willed girl on a quest for revenge against the evil animatronics that killed her parents.

Outside of her work on Mayans MC, the actress also featured in the 2022 TV series PBC as the character Lindsey.

As for her upcoming projects, Emily has several in the works. According to IMDb, the actress is set to appear in the 2023 seasonal film Holiday Twist, which is expected to release on December 1, 2023.

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