Rumor that Target is selling tuck-it-in shorts for ‘little’ boys debunked

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

There are rumors going around suggesting Target is selling its “tuck-friendly” items from the controversial Pride collection to children, including “tuck-it-in shorts” for “little boys”, but there’s no truth to these claims.

Target had reportedly decided to remove some of its merch collection from display following the backlash it received for selling LGBTQ+ friendly clothing and other items in celebration of Pride month.

However, just the way Bud Light fell prey to rumors when it was embroiled in controversy centering on Dylan Mulvaney‘s feature, conservatives are spreading misinformation about Target’s kids’ collection only to tarnish its reputation further.

The bullseye logo is seen on the outside of a Target store
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Rumor claims Target is selling tuck-it-in shorts for “little boys”

The rumor appears to stem from a Tiktok video shared by @maga__2024, which is originally from @faithfilledmama who has since seemingly deleted their account. The outraged woman, who chooses to identify herself as a Christian, overtly states that Target must be “canceled” for allegedly pushing its gender agenda on children.

‘Faithfilledmama’ claims that no brand should “promote or present anything regarding sexuality and choosing gender to children.”

In the latter part of the video, while expressing her frustration over Traget’s support of the marginalized community, she further claims to not take her own children to their stores as they have “tuck-it-in” shorts on display for “little boys.”

However, in reality, all of the tuck-friendly clothing items from Target’s LGBTQ+ collection are only designed and sold for adults, regardless of what the critics believe.

What is not included in the latest Pride collection

Like the one above, a number of rumors are unnecessarily adding to the drama Target is embroiled in by making wild claims about the stores selling items with outrageous graphics and wordings.

Conservatives also took issues with its supposed tuck-friendly swimsuit for children, which never existed. However, the retailer does have it for adults, which the Right-Wing YouTuber Alex Stein can be seen wearing in his video mocking the brand.

Neither does the collection by the London-based studio, Abprallen, consist of products with any mention of satan. Instead, the slogans included on sweatshirts and tote bags read: “We Belong Everywhere,” “Too Queer for Here,” and “Cure Transphobia, Not Trans People.”

Retailer responds to backlash

In order to protect its employees who are reportedly receiving threats from angry customers, Target has decided to remove some of the items from its Pride collection.

While different products are still being reviewed, Abprallen is the only brand that’s been taken down as of yet.

The brand was criticized for its association with British designer Erik Carnell, just like Bud Light for the Dylan Mulvaney partnership.

A spokesperson for Target told Reuters: “Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.”

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