Every major Mayans M.C. death from season 1 to 5

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With the final season of Mayans M.C. set to hit our screens at the end of the month, let’s take a look back at every major Mayans M.C. death that has happened so far. *This article contains spoilers*

Season 5 of Mayans M.C. on Hulu and Disney will be the last and will consist of 10 episodes, kicking off with a two-episode premiere. Fans are expecting things to be tense following EZ’s rise to lead the Santo Padre M.C. in the war against the Sons of Anarchy.

According to the season’s synopsis, lives are claimed within the club as they defend the California territory. Many cast members are set to return for the final season.

One of the biggest deaths in season 4 was that of Johnny “Coco” Cruz, played by Richard Cabral, and the season 4 finale begins with his funeral.

Premiere Of FX's "Mayans M.C." Season 2 - Arrivals
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Why did they kill off Coco on Mayans M.C.?

Coco was killed in Mayans M.C. because the show’s creators wanted to make season four about consequences.

The character’s death was inspired by something that happened in co-creator Elgin James’ real life. His friend Danny had passed away and he had gone to the funeral with all the members of the gang. His aunt blamed them and told them they had killed Danny.

James told Entertainment Weekly: “That always really stuck with me, because in a lot of ways she was right.”

Continuing on, James explained that he was “more interested in the consequences” than glorifying the gang lifestyle.

Speaking about Coco’s death, the co-creator told Variety: “I know it was gutting for people when we lost Coco but that’s intentional.”

“It was important for us to feel that so we had it set up in a way for people to feel gutted even if it makes them say they’ll never watch the show again. We’re not done exploring the loss of Coco,” he said.

Mayans M.C. deaths season 1

There were 44 deaths in season 1, according to Sons of Anarchy Wiki. This includes many members of the Basetown Tribe, several Sonora Police officers, and seven unnamed coalition members.

The most significant deaths were Afa, Gabriel, Jimmy Yen, Dennis Reed, Sister Jane, Alice Reed, Albert, Andres, Celia, Devante Cano, Rodrigo, Bowen, and Kevin Jimenez.

Mayans M.C. deaths season 2

In season 2, there were 65 deaths which included unnamed mercenaries, unnamed criminals, and many Vatos Malditos members.

Other deaths include Tommy Montez, Dita Galindo, Michael Ariza who played Riz, Hobart, Pollen, Medina, Ticker, Biggs, Delgado, and Jonas.

Mayans M.C. deaths season 3

There were 32 deaths in season 3, including that of Dr Luna, Paco, Allesandro Montez, Vicki, Juan Denver, Flaco, Chepe, Pablo, Gaeta, Oscar Ramos, Steve who had an arc to remember, and El Palo.

More deaths in this season included seven unnamed Mayans Yuma members, who were killed in an explosion by EZ.

Mayans M.C. deaths season 4

In addition to Coco’s death, season 4 also saw the death of Jay-Jay, an ex-convict who EZ knew in prison. Manny, the Vice President of the Mayans M.C., Yuma charter, also dies.

Coco dies after being shot at by a car full of Sons. Speaking to Collider about killing off characters, James said:

“It is hard to kill characters off. It has to be for a real reason. It has to be for the purpose of like what happened with Coco, where it’s just gutting, but that’s also what happens.”

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