What is the Chun-Li filter on TikTok that users are warning others not to try?

Eve Edwards

Street Fighter’s very own Chun-Li has been turned into a controversial filter on TikTok with some saying you might face a ban for using it.

Chun-Li, a character that originated in Street Fighter II (1991), is the first female playable fighting character to gain mainstream recognition in the gaming world.

But Chun-Li’s legacy is being tarnished by some who have created a NSFW filter doing the rounds on TikTok.

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What is the Chun-Li filter on TikTok?

The Chun-Li filter going viral on social media sharing app TikTok centers on choosing your favorite pictures of Chun-Li. If the filter is selected, you are presented with two images of Chun-Li, then you have to tilt your head to select which one you prefer. This image will then stay in the game, as you sort through other images of the Street Fighter character. This ‘showdown’ style format is used across many TikTok videos to whittle down your favorite celebrities, food items, or dream crush.

But there’s a twist with the trending Chun-Li filter. After selecting your first of the two favorites, a NSFW cartoon image of Chun-Li will appear as another option. These NSFW images will continue to appear in the game, to the shock of some users who are trying out the filter.

‘Don’t try the filter’

Given that the NSFW image doesn’t appear until you’ve made your first choice in the game, some users are capitalizing on this information. They are creating videos using the filter, but without making any choice between the two images. Instead, they wear the two SFW pictures of Chun-Li warning other users not to try the filter.

This understandably has sparked some curiosity. For the bold and the brave, they have used the filter to play the game, only to be shocked by the scandalous image of Chun-Li gracing their phone screens.

Some have even been daring others to try the Street Fighter filter, knowing it will be quite the surprise.

More SFW Street Fighter filters to enjoy on TikTok

If you don’t want to face being slapped with a TikTok ban, there are plenty of alternative Street Fighter-themed filters that are safer to enjoy.

There is a TikTok filter which plays out a game, animating the screen while you act out the special moves.

Safe to say that we’ll stay playing this version of the Street Fighter game on TikTok rather than testing our luck with Chun-Li.

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