Hogwarts Legacy: Is there romance options to date? Full companions list

Callum Smith

One of the best games of 2023 so far, Hogwarts Legacy, is now finally available on PS4 and Xbox One, and there is a list of companions to befriend, but there are no romance options to date.

Hogwarts Legacy is a fantastic experience even on last-gen systems. There is no multiplayer or co-op at all, but everything about the game is superb from its thrilling combat to simply the magic of roaming the halls of the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry.

There are numerous memorable characters in the game, and some of the best you will encounter are companions from different houses.

Hogwarts Legacy house companions list

Below is the list of house companions in Hogwarts Legacy:

Each of the above characters have individual quest lines as seen in the Sebastian Swallow trailer. You encounter them naturally while advancing through the story, and then quest lines for each of them will continue to progress.

Can you date romance options?

There are no romance options in Hogwarts Legacy so you cannot date any house companions or other characters you meet.

Some players may be disappointed by the lack of romance options and dating, but the developer has reiterated that you can forge relationships with companions to create a friendship aching to Ron and Hermione for Harry Potter.

Again, each house companion has a specific questline/mini story. Speaking solely of Sebastian Swallow, he belongs to Slytherin and befriending him will result in a quest where you choose whether to use the Dark Arts or not. Avalanche says these quest lines are ‘optional,’ and come with ‘difficult dilemmas’.

Even though the game is now out for almost everyone with the Nintendo Switch version still to arrive, players still have time to link their WB account to Wizarding World to get exclusive rewards. PlayStation gamers can also take advantage of Sony’s House Cup to get exclusive digital avatars.

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