Is Chicago Med, Fire and PD new tonight with episode 19? (05/03/2023)

Christopher Weston

Is Chicago Med, Fire, and PD new tonight? Let’s consider whether episode 19 of the respective seasons premieres on Wednesday, May 3rd 2023.

For some, Wednesdays are reserved for a very special trio of shows that offers them three solid hours of entertainment.

Of course, we’re talking about Chicago Wednesdays, which begins with Chicago Med.

Although Chicago Fire and Chicago PD are just as cherished, Med is the third installment of the Wolf Entertainment Chicago franchise and has arguably become the most popular.

The American medical drama has been gracing screens on NBC since 2015, inviting us to push open the doors of the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and check in with the doctors and nurses who have since become familiar friends.

Despite a recent hiatus interrupting the schedule, is Chicago Med, Fire, and PD new tonight?

Hailey Upton calls Hank Voight on her radio sitting in her cruiser
Chicago PD/Wolf Entertainment/Universal Television/One Chicago YouTube channel

Is Chicago Med, Fire, and PD new tonight?

Yes, new installments of Chicago Med, Fire, and PD are scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, May 3rd 2023.

The show previously went on a rather long hiatus after the twelfth episode in each respective season premiered on Wednesday, January 18th 2023. So, this isn’t the first that fans have had to accept this season.

As for what time they’ll be back, Chicago Med airs on NBC at 8 pm ET, Chicago Fire at 9 pm ET, and Chicago PD at 10 pm.

Waiting on renewal

Yes, Wolf Entertainment has confirmed that Chicago Med, PD, and Fire have all been renewed for forthcoming seasons.

This was announced on Monday, April 10th 2023, while other shows such as Law And Order, SVU, and Organized Crime have also been confirmed for new seasons.

“All six shows being picked up again is the ultimate accolade to our incredible casts, producers, and writers,” Dick Wolf said in a statement.

‘We don’t have plans right now’

Turning attention specifically to Chicago Fire, showrunner Derek Haas was recently interviewed by Looper and was asked if there are any plans to bring Jesse Spencer back as Matt Casey.

“We 1,000% love Jesse Spencer. It was absolutely incredible to have him back, as it would be any time he wants to come and grace us and his “Chicago Fire” friends and family. He is one of the family.”

He continued: “But we don’t have plans right now [to bring him back again]. He’s an extremely busy actor who can pretty much walk onto whatever he wants to walk onto. The invitation is always there from our end, but there are no plans right now.”

Chicago Med, Fire, and PD is new on Wednesday, May 3rd 2023.

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