Pope Francis didn’t suffer a heart attack as he’s hospitalized in 2023

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

Pope Francis was hospitalized on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, after experiencing difficulties with breathing, and many are under the assumption that he had a heart attack, because of a few reports on the Internet.

A few months ago, rumours that the 86-year-old spiritual leader had passed away surfaced, when the news regarding Pope Benedict XVI broke, leaving many to wrongly assume that the current Pope had died.

After learning about his hospitalization now, people are sending their prayers for Pope Francis‘ quick recovery. This is the first time an update about his health has been made public after he underwent surgery in July 2021 to get a part of his colon removed.

Here’s the latest on what actually happened to the Pope.

Pope Francis during the General Audience
Photo by Grzegorz Galazka/Archivio Grzegorz Galazka/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Pope Francis didn’t suffer a heart attack

Several Twitter users have shared a picture of what looks like a new report with a headline that reads: “Pope Francis was admitted to a hospital in Rome after suffering from a heart attack.”

However, the statement by the Vatican Press office cites a different health issue as opposed to what the rumors claim.

The statement read: “In recent days, Pope Francis complained of some respiratory difficulties and this afternoon, he went to [Policlinico A.] the Gemelli [hospital] for some medical checks.

“The outcome of these showed a respiratory infection (excluding COVID-19 infection) that will require several days of appropriate hospital medical treatment.”

The extent of the infection hasn’t been disclosed and it isn’t clear how long he might take to recover.

Spiritual leader is being treated for respiratory issues

The doctors reportedly ran a CT scan on the Pope’s chest and his blood saturation levels are said to be normal.

Al Jazeera notes, the Italian News agency ANSA reported that no issues with Pope Francis’ heart were detected, and he is only being treated for respiratory infection.

Meanwhile, medical sources confirmed that the situation involving the spiritual leader’s health isn’t concerning.

The Pope’s schedule for the next two days has been canceled, but there isn’t any other information regarding when he’ll be discharged from the hospital.

Twitter is filled with prayers and wishes

Many, who are under the wrong impression that there are issues with Pope’s heart, have taken to Twitter to send him their prayers.

One Tweeted: “Pope Francis has been hospitalized. Some are saying pulmonary disease, others saying a heart attack. Regardless of what is the reason, please pray for the Holy Father’s recovery.”

“We are praying for Pope Francis to recover and anyone facing illness,” wrote another.

A third Twitter user said: “Sending prayers and love to Pope Francis during this difficult time. May he receive the best care and recover quickly.”