What happened to Tracy T’s stomach? New album art shows scars

Eve Edwards

Tracy T fans are wondering what happened to the rapper as his stomach scars are on full display for his new album artwork.

Tracy T, real name Tracy Richardson, released his latest project on Sunday, March 26. He included his one-year-old son Kashton for the album artwork. Tracy T shares Kashton with fellow rapper, Kash Doll.

“These ideas was for the cover,” the rapper explained. “It’s like from Tracy T to Mr T… I pity the fool!” Their son had layered chains on for the photoshoot reminiscent of Mr T’s. This is the new album title.

But while most eyes were on adorable Kashton, some couldn’t help but notice the scars on Tracy T’s stomach. Let’s take a look at what happened.

What happened to Tracy T’s stomach?

Tracy T has scars on his stomach from when he was shot in December 2009. This was during an attempted robbery. The rapper was shot four times, in the chest, side, hand, and leg. He was just 18 years old at the time.

You can see where Tracy T was shot in the side and the stomach scar from where he had surgery in his new album artwork.

“I was in hospital for two months,” the rapper explained to DJ Smallz Eyes. He required multiple treatments and racked up a hospital bill of over $700,000.

Tracy T underwent stomach surgery

After being shot, Tracy T had to go through multiple procedures before he was able to leave hospital.

Doctors removed his spleen, an organ involved in your immune system. It is located behind the left ribcage. Tracy T also had to have surgery on his lungs, as they had been pierced in the shooting. The rapper also had a colostomy pouch.

He was eating through a tube while in hospital, unable to eat solid food. Tracy T lost 50 lbs while being treated, leaving hospital weighing just 99 lbs.

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Tracy T had to learn to walk again after being shot

There was more lingering damage after the shooting, as Tracy T had to learn how to walk again. This was a result of his stomach injuries and surgeries. The stomach muscles are central in helping the body move, so as Tracy T recovered, he also needed to relearn how to walk.

“I’m still messed up mentally from that,” Tracy told DJ Smallz Eyes. “It messed me up more mentally than it did physically.”

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