Meet Loki, the rescue dog stealing hearts with adorable adoption story

Yasmine Leung

Loki the rescue dog is the latest charming pooch going viral on TikTok, so here’s what we know about him so far.

If you’re one to endlessly scroll on TikTok because of animal videos, you’re not alone. Between Emmanuel the spotlight-stealing emu, to Noodle the Pug (RIP), it’s impossible to stay away.

While Noodle The Pug can never be replaced, users have fallen in love with Loki – and no, it’s not the Marvel antihero. Loki the rescue dog went viral earlier this week after his new owner shared a clip of him holding her hand as they traveled to his forever home.

Loki the rescue dog sitting the car on the way home
credit Abigailada12 tiktok

Get to know Loki the rescue dog and his adoption tale

In the viral video, Loki can be seen sitting in the passenger seat holding his new owner, Abigail’s, hand as they drove home together. If the moment didn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will.

South Carolina resident Abigail Arellano picked up Loki from the Oconee Humane Society last week after officially adopting him. Arellano is a licensed vet technician at Oconee Humane Society in Seneca, South Carolina, a pet care clinic for adoptable animals.

She stumbled upon her future furry friend after Loki came in “super sick” and required fluids and anti-nausea medicine. Since he couldn’t stay at the clinic but was too ill to return to the adoption center, Abigail temporarily fostered him, promising her husband “not to get attached” to Loki.

Judging from her TikToks, Abigal already has two Great Danes, but we all know what happened next: she became attached to Loki.

Her husband was initially against keeping Loki forever, but after a few desperate pleas, he officially became an Arellano – and he’s fitting in just fine.

Their young son has taken over as Loki’s “owner” and bought him all the essentials from Target.

One fan speculates that Loki is a catahoula leopard dog, but there has been no confirmation from Abigail.

You can donate to help more animals like Loki

The pet clinic launched in November under the supervision of Dr Black, Abigail, and one other vet technician. Some of their adoptable dogs have been spotlighted on the platform, but if you prefer to donate, you can do so by heading to the clinic’s Amazon wishlist page via her TikTok linktree to donate their most used supplies.

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