Fans easily buy Julie Bowen’s joke on dating Nolan Gould in 2023

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

Julie Bowen is being hailed for her comical chops once again after she left the crowd in splits with her joke about dating Nolan Gould, her on-screen son on Modern Family.

The ABC sitcom concluded in 2020, but the iconic characters and the storyline surrounding their lives will be strongly imprinted on our minds forever. And now, fans are re-visiting the relationship between Julie and Nolan’s characters once again, thanks to the funny remarks made by the actress.

The Modern Family sat down for a chat with Jimmy Kimmel in the latest episode of the late-night show, offering fans a glimpse into her personal life – including her obsession with Harry Styles and how she has a crush on Pedro Pascal.

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Julie Bowen jokes about dating Nolan Gould in 2023

Julie Bowen isn’t dating Nolan Gould, let’s start there. The actress only joked about seeing her on-screen son a lot, before drawing similarities between Mrs. Brady and Greg’s situation.

When Jimmy asks her about her family, Julie clarifies she’s the mother of three and a divorcee, before talking about Nolan, who apparently stays close to her place.

She said, going out with him is “funny” because people tend to stare and judge. She went on to ask the host if this is like The Brady Bunch situation when TV’s Greg Brady dates his TV mother Carol Brady in real life.

Julie added to the joke saying she was dating Nolan in 2023.

For the unversed, Barry Williams went on a date with Florence Henderson during the second season of their hit television show. He was 16 at the time, while his co-star was 36 and a mother of four kids.

The Huff Post notes, a peck on Barry’s cheek by Florence, was the most contact they had, obviously!

Actress has more celebrity crushes

Even though Julie said Nolan was 24 and “good-looking”, more reasons to justify her joke, she did open up about her infatuation with other Hollywood stars.

The late-night host showed a picture of Julie from her last birthday, in which she’s wrapped in a blanket filled with Harry’s picture.

Before we could process the image completely in our minds, the actress went on to express her admiration for Pedro Pascal, who she said was also “age-appropriate” to date, unlike her junior co-star or a much younger singer.

However, Julie’s remarks about possibly dating younger celebrities were only in good humor. She even opened up about her son weaponizing her obsession with Harry.

Fans hail her sense of humor

Just like Jimmy, a number of fans pointed out that Julie’s remarks about younger male celebrities wouldn’t sit well with the public if the genders were reversed. Others, however, think she was only being herself and there was no harm in cracking jokes about dating men who are well above 18.

“Harry Styles is unworthy of her, and she can joke about it. This is why we watch her,” wrote one.

Another added: “Lol. She’s so funny! I love how she casually jumped to crushing on Pedro after dishing on Harry.”

“Wow. She’s good! I really thought Nolan was her man for a second,” wrote one.

“I agree with Jimmy. Reversed gender role here isn’t funny, but I do love Julie. I can’t stop laughing,” a third fan said.

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