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It’s been two years since Shadow And Bone first hit our screens. Since then the fantasy drama has entertained many viewers with its magical tales, and a tense love triangle. With that in mind, who does Alina end up with?

**WARNING: Spoilers for Shadow And Bone ahead**

Based on the popular book trilogy written by Leigh Bardugo, the Netflix series returns once again for a second season, bringing even more romantic drama with it. The Shadow And Bone show explores the classic battle of good versus evil, of light versus shadow.

The series lead, Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), has a lot on her plate. To top things off, she’s also involved in a complex love triangle with her comrades, Mal (Archie Renaux) and Nikolai (Patrick Gibson who plays Sturmhond).


Who does Alina end up with in the series – Mal or Nikolai?


By the end of the first season, Alina was not in a relationship with anyone. Whilst the first season detailed the love triangle between her, her longtime friend Mal and General Kirigan, the second season introduces adds a new romantic option into the mix – Nikolai.

Season 1 detailed the subtle and strong growth of Alina and Mal’s platonic bond, which differed from the books, as the pair share a kiss rather quickly. Mal and Alina found themselves in a similar love triangle situation, as Alina found it hard to resist the charms of Kirigan, who was later revealed to be the antagonist of the series.

In season 2 of Shadow And Bone, Mal and Alina start off in a solid place. That is, until the introduction of Nikolai. Even though Nikolai attempts to charm the powerful protagonist, Alina stays dedicated to Mal by the end of the series.

Dávid Lukács/Netflix © 2023

Who does Alina end up with in the books?


Much like the series, Alina stays dedicated to her relationship and ends up with Mal in the books.

In the third novel in the book trilogy, Mal and Alina end up getting married. The pair even reopen the Keramzin orphanage where they met, and grew up.

At this time, it’s unknown if the series will follow the same plot line for the couple. As the second season has started to move away from the book trilogy and form its own path, it’s entirely possible Alina may end up with someone else whenever the Netflix series comes to an end.

Shadow And Bone is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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