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Hozier’s new song All Things End, from the EP Eat Your Young, has got all the right feels. Here, we are diving deep into the meaning of All Things End lyrics and all about the Irish musician’s new extended play.

After years of waiting, 2023 marks the year of Hozier‘s new studio album Unreal Unearth and his latest EP, Eat Your Young, is a perfect teaser of what’s in store for fans in the upcoming album.

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Hozier’s All Things End lyrics meaning

Hozier’s All Things End lyrics have made the song the new emo-girl anthem, and the meaning of the song makes it more comforting than the name sounds. Hozier’s vulnerable lyrics of All Things End can be rendered a virtual hug as, in the first verse, he sings, “If there was anyone to ever get through this life/ With their heart still intact, they didn’t do it right.”

Hozier believes that knowing everything ends should not really change our plans, because we can always begin again.

“And all things end/ All that we intend is scrawled in sand/ It slips right through our hand/ And just knowing/ That everything will end/ We should not change our plan/ Whеn we begin again.”

The somber pre-chorus drives home the idea that nothing lasts forever as he croons, “When people say that something is forever/ Either way, it ends.”

But the idea of being able to begin again is reiterated in the last verse which repeats, “We should not change our plan/ Whеn we begin again.”

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All Things End lyrics bringing fans to tears

Hozier has delivered another emo anthem to the fans and Twitter is gushing over the song’s perfection.

One fan tweeted: “You did not tell us how emotional All Things End is! I have been crying since 12:04”

Another echoed: “I just listened to All Things End and I can’t remember the last time a song brought me to tears on the first listen. I was so deeply moved by the music. This upcoming album is going to be Hozier’s best work. It’s going to DESTROY me!”

A third fan posted:

All about Unreal Unearth

After the release of Hozier’s latest EP, Eat Your Young, all eyes are now on Unreal Unearth, the third studio album of Hozier which will accompany a tour. The singer recently posted that he will be holding over 30 concerts across the U.S.

While the date of Unreal Unearth is still not confirmed, fans are expecting the new album to drop sometime during his tour which begins as early as April 15.

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