Fri 17 March 2023 10:38, UK

YouTube TV announced ‘multiview’ just in time for March Madness and users are curious to know all about the early access to get the new feature.

Sports enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited to try out the new feature, which allows you to watch multiple games at the same time without having to switch your screens.

YouTube is constantly working on making streaming more user-friendly, be it with its own TV app or ambient mode, which makes your watching experience more immersive in a dark theme.

But, how do see the multiview feature on your YouTube TV app as the platform has announced early access?

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How to get multiview on YouTube TV?

You must have access to the YouTube TV app to be able to use multiview, which can be accessed on the screen in a few simple steps. And, the feature is reportedly only available on sports content.

  • Select the multiview option, if available, from the Top Picks for You section on the YouTube TV app.
  • Once the feature is enabled, you can select up to four pre-selected games or streams from different places within the app.
  • Besides Top Picks for You tab on the Home tab, you can choose a live game and select watch in multiview. You can choose a stream directly from the Live tab as well.
  • You can close the multiview stream by simply tapping on the back button.

You can switch to full screen for one channel

During the multiview streaming, you can also choose to watch only one stream at a time in full-screen mode.

  • Using the direction pad on your remote, highlight the stream you want to see in full screen.
  • Tap on the Select button on your remote to change the screen to full.
  • You can return to the multiview screen by hitting on back button.

You can also switch audio and captions between streams without having to jump between screens or close any of them.

Early access is only available for select customers

Currently, the video-sharing app has made the multiview feature only made available to select US customers, who will be notified via email if they’re selected for early access.

If you’re one of the lucky few, the option for multiview will automatically appear below Top Picks for You section on the YouTube TV app.

The company believes a slower rollout of the feature will allow them to receive feedback before making it available to a wider user base. It is expected to launch completely by the next NFL season.

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