Fri 17 March 2023 9:04, UK

Twitter has finally rolled out the option to view the bookmark counts on the app, and users want to know whether the feature has been made public.

Social media apps are constantly working on increasing engagement, and even users like to know the extent of their reach on a given platform. It isn’t surprising that Snapchat users were not happy when rumors claimed that their Snapscore was removed.

Elon Musk had previously revealed that his social media company was working on a new feature to allow users to bookmark their favorite tweets, apart from liking, retweeting, and quoting them.

That feature is now live, but not for everyone.It has been made available only for select software users. Here’s how it works.

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What are bookmarks on Twitter and how to view their count?

A bookmark icon can be found at the bottom of the tweet and its count is nothing but the total number of times a tweet has been bookmarked by fellow users.

Although it is made available for all tweets, at the moment, only iOS users can view them in the Tweet Details view. So, here’s how you can check the number of times your tweets have been bookmarked.

  • Tap on any of your tweets to view the tweet detail page.
  • Select View Tweet Activity by clicking on the analytics icon at the bottom.
  • The Tweet Activity page shows the total engagement with your post, including the number of times it has been bookmarked.

However, in order to be able to see all details regarding your tweet, including the bookmark count, your account must be at least 14 days old and shouldn’t violate the community guidelines.

Is the app making the feature public?

No, Twitter maintains that the Bookmark feature is private, which means it can only be accessed by you within your account, and it only shows the number of times a tweet has been bookmarked, without showing the users who have bookmarked it.

Twitter support shared today: “Don’t worry, though– your Bookmarks are still private. We’ll never display which accounts have added a tweet to their Bookmarks.”

Meanwhile, the bookmark feature is still available for all Twitter users on the app, irrespective of the operating system on their mobile devices.

Twitter says it has plans to expand the Bookmark count feature in the future.

Users react to the 2023 update

While some are surprised to learn that the Bookmark feature allows you to save tweets for later, others feel the count should be made public, simply to see the chaos unfold.

Social media users have always been obsessed with the engagement rate of their posts, as it gives them a sense of validation.

Reacting to the new update, one said: “Twitter bookmark discourse. I still am not understanding.”

“Not gonna lie, I didn’t know Twitter had a bookmark feature, anything I’ve ever bookmarked has been on accident,” said another.

“I wish Twitter made the Bookmark public. I will no longer interact with anyone here.”

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