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The opening episode of Ted Lasso season 3 reveals that Roy Kent and Keeley Jones are no longer together but the development has left many asking why they broke up.

Change is afoot in the new season of Ted Lasso as AFC Richmond return to the Premier League and find themselves locked in a rivalry with Nathan ‘The Wonder Kid’ Shelley’s West Ham after the now-grey-haired coach was hired by the scheming Rupert Mannion to become their new manager.

While that rivalry starts to brew, there is trouble closer to home as Roy Kent and Keeley Jones reveal that they have broken up, much to the horror of Phoebe and fans alike.

Keeley and Roy announce they’re no longer together in Ted Lasso season 3

After the seeds of doubt were sewn in the final episodes of season 2, it’s revealed that the Apple TV+ series’ power couple Roy Kent and Keeley Jones are no longer together.

The new season begins as if little has changed between the pair, apart from the fact that Keeley is now running her own PR firm and in an early conversation with Rebecca, Keeley explains that she and Roy are going to be having ‘the talk’ with Roy’s niece Phoebe that night.

Of course, there are a few possibilities of what ‘the talk’ could be referring to but as the fateful scene arrives, it becomes clear that they’re not discussing the birds and the bees.

After treating Phoebe to a large helping of ice cream, Roy and Keeley reveal that they’re no longer together.

However, there are some crossed wires between the pair as Keeley explains that they’re going on a break while Roy bluntly says that they’ve broken up completely.

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Why did Keeley and Roy break up?

When Phoebe asks why Roy and Keeley are no longer an item, Roy responds by saying that they’re too busy with work to be in a relationship anymore.

Roy goes on to explain that Keeley’s time and focus are dedicated to running her PR firm while he’s got more on his plate now that he’s in charge of overseeing Richmond’s tactics following the departure of Nate.

As Roy goes to drive Phoebe home, she asks him whether he thinks they’re doing the right thing before saying that she thinks he’s being stupid by breaking up with Keeley.

While Roy suggests that their recent career changes have hindered their relationship, there’s likely a bit more to their breakup than that.

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Season 2 teased their split

At the end of season 2, Roy made plans to go on holiday with Keeley but she rejected him so that she could focus on her work and on top of that, Roy also admitted that not featuring in the magazine photoshoot with her hurt his ‘feeling.’

It’s therefore likely that Roy believes that Keeley is better off without him now that her own career is taking off, especially as he thought she looked much more natural in the photos by herself – she is Keeley Jones, the Independent Woman, after all.

Of course, the break-up also teases the possibility of a love triangle forming after Jamie Tartt admitted he still had feelings for Keeley in the final episodes of season 2.

But one thing we know is that everything in Ted Lasso will always work out once all episodes are done, although not necessarily how we might expect it to.

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Season 3 of Ted Lasso is available to stream on Apple TV+ after releasing on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

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