Red Nose Day 2023 is landing this Friday (March 17), so in honor of the event, this quiz is perfect for game night or as a fundraising activity.

British stars and media personalities have teamed up to participate in grueling physical challenges to raise money for Comic Relief. Rylan Clarke, Oti Mabuse, and Emma Willis trekked up Scotland’s Cairn Gorm Mountain, while Arielle Free took part in a 50-hour Tour De Dance cycle.

Do your part and fundraise for charity by creating your own quiz event – whether it’s at school or adult game night, HITC has got you covered with these Red Nose Day-themed questions.

Photo by Hamish Frost/Comic Relief via Getty Images

Get your quiz on for Red Nose Day 2023

  1. What is the name of the red cross on the England flag?

A. The Cross Of Saint John
B. The Cross Of Sant David
C. The Cross Of Saint George

2. Which year did Comic Relief launch?

A. 1982
B. 1979
C. 1985

3. Which one of these comedians did not create Comic Relief?

A. Lenny Henry
B. Richard Curtis
C. Billy Connolly

4. How much money has been raised by Comic Relief since its inception?

A. £2.4 billion
B. £1.06 billion
C. £1.7 billion

5. What was the name of the British girl bands who released the charity single, Walk This Way, for Comic Relief in 2007?

A. Girls Aloud and The Saturdays
B. Little Mix and The Spice Girls
C. The Sugababes and Girls Aloud

6. How often is Red Nose Day held in the UK?

A. Every four years
B. Every year
C. Every two years

7. Which British TV show broadcasts a special episode every Red Nose Day?

A. Doctor Who
B. EastEnders
C. Coronation Street

Photo by Hamish Frost/Comic Relief via Getty Images

8. Which boy group had a number-one hit with the official 2013 Comic Relief single, One Way Or Another?

A. Take That
B. One Direction
C. The Wanted

9. Which Spice Girls song was a Comic Relief single in 1997?

A. Viva Forever
B. Wannabe
C. Who Do You Think You Are

10. On average, who laughs most?

A. Secondary school students
B. Primary school pupils
C. Teachers

11. What is the highest mountain in the UK?

A.Ben Nevis
B. Snowdon
C. Cairn Gorm

12. How many days was Liz Truss UK prime minister?

A. 23 days
B. 44 days
C. 39 days

13. Which of these has a nose?

A. Carrot
B. Banana
C. Cheese

14. What is the 2023 red nose predominantly made of?

A. Paper
B. Plastic
C. Foam

Alternatively, you can head to Comic Relief’s school resources section and print out the ready-made quizzes.

Quiz answers

  1. C
  2. C
  3. C
  4. B
  5. C
  6. B
  7. A
  8. B
  9. C
  10. B
  11. A
  12. B
  13. C
  14. A

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