Snapchat users are worried they may not be able to stalk others on the app as a viral TikTok claims it is allegedly removing Snapscore.

Snapchat previously got rid of its gaming section and most recently, even the ghost trail feature which was available for Snapchat Plus users was taken away.

While it is common for apps to add new features and get rid of the old ones, Snapscore has been a lot of people’s favorite tool to keep a check on fellow users’ activities and the latest rumor isn’t going down too well with them.

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Rumor claims Snapchat is removing Snapscores

A TikTok shared by the user @lucyinglespam shows a quote in the form of an overlay text which claims: “Snapchat is removing Snapscores”. In the caption, the content creator writes: “how am I meant to stall him?”

The video has got more than 2.8 million views and counting! However, the TikTok user doesn’t confirm if the rumors are true and neither has Snapchat addressed the speculations.

For the unversed, Snapscore is a feature found right under your name on the profile screen. It is apparently determined by a “super-secret, special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a couple other factors.

HITC and GRV Media have reached out to Snapchat for comment.

Users are panicking

Very few Snapchat users have seconded the rumors claiming the Snapscore is missing on their profile, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the feature has been removed altogether.

It could also be a temporary glitch caused because of an update or other technical issues on the platform’s end. But, just the idea of Snapscore going missing is concerning for many.

One commented, “What next? Is Snapchat getting rid of chats after Snapscore?”

“First the games now this what next the filters,” said another.

A third owner added: “I was upset until I remembered I only have like 6 people added on Snapchat”

“Is it true that Snapscore is gone? I will never update my Snapchat again.”

Ghost trail was removed recently

There may be no truth to rumors surrounding Snapscrore, but the fact that Snapchat got rid of ghost trails for real has only amplified people’s suspicions about more features going missing in the near future.

The feature was removed because Snapchat introduced a live-location sharing option instead. It is currently rolled out for a few users and will be available for all users eventually.

The live location can be turned on or off in a few simple steps and users can enjoy more similar features on Snapchat Plus.

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