TikTok has introduced a new feature called ‘series,’ but what exactly is it, and how to use it?

Various updates are being rolled out on TikTok to ensure that users have a good experience and the latest one to make it to the list is the ‘series’ feature.

The news about this new change comes after the platform had been enjoying attention for trends such as the moon phase soulmate test, relationship quiz, and many more.


Introducing TikTok Series 🥁 Our new premium feature enables creators to post Collections of up to 80 videos, each up to 20 minutes long 🙌

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What is TikTok’s series feature?

TikTok’s series is a new feature that will be available to creators to produce “collections of premium content.”

One series can include up to 80 videos and these can be of 20 minutes in length. The idea is to allow creators to build a deeper connection with their followers who want to enjoy their content.

This will be a paid feature, that is, the creators have the freedom to decide how much their series should be.

Those who want to access this will have to pay the amount mentioned by the influencer.

It is another step to make creators feel valued

In their statement, TikTok noted that the new feature has been introduced to allow creators to feel valued while also giving them a space where they can connect with their community easily.

At the moment, only select creators will have access to this feature. In the coming months, applications to join this would be opened.

Given that the feature has just been introduced on the app, there are chances for it to be updated to ensure it is meeting the demands of the creators and the users.

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Another feature recently introduced

In February, TikTok introduced an auto-scroll feature. The new option appears alongside the ‘Save video’, ‘Clear mode’, and ‘Report’ tabs.

This new feature allows people to sit and relax as the app does all then scrolling for them. If you want to enjoy this, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Go to the For You Page.
  3. Hold down on a video.
  4. Press Auto scroll.

Given that the app constantly brings new changes, one can expect more like these in the future.

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