Fri 10 March 2023 10:37, UK

The release date for when WWE 2K23 is coming out is itching ever close, and the unfortunate news is that there is no crossplay multiplayer between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, although cross platform community creations do return.

WWE 2K23 is extremely anticipated by the community. 2K22 was a great foundation for the series moving forward, and this year’s instalment looks even better especially with the John Cena showcase mode matches.

While we cannot wait to play showcase, MyGM, MyRise, and Universe mode, fans may be disappointed by the lack of crossplay multiplayer once again.

Is WWE 2K23 crossplay?

WWE 2K23 is not crossplay and thus does not have cross platform multiplayer between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

It’s a tad disappointing that the ability to play with friends on opposing platforms has not been announced. 2K could possibly add it post-launch similar to PGA Tour 2K23, but the online function has not been added to NBA 2K23 so a late addition seems unlikely.

Although there is no crossplay multiplayer, some slightly better news is that there is cross-gen progression. So, if you buy the PS4/Xbox One version and later upgrade to PS5/Xbox Series X/S, you will be able to carry over your progress and VC.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to carry over DLC as confirmed by the FAQ.

Cross platform community creations

Although there is no crossplay multiplayer, WWE 2K23 should see the return of cross platform community creations.

This was introduced in 2K22 and allowed fans to download all CAWs, custom belts, custom arenas, images, and everything else possible across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The only thing you can’t download on consoles from PC is mods.

WWE 2K23 looks amazing. Its full roster list and ratings have been revealed, along with all of the DLC packs part of the season pass.

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